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After the outstanding success of the three-part exhibition, "Men, War & Peace", the Helmut Newton Foundation presents the work of its founder alongside that of two of his friends and contemporaries, Larry Clark & Ralph Gibson. "WANTED" will be shown at the Helmut Newton Foundation, Jebensstrasse 2, D-10623 Berlin, from June 3rd until November 18th, 2007.

Helmut Newton Foundation

Helmut Newton, Fat Hand and Dollars, Monte Carlo 1986

A selection of pictures that Helmut Newton published in his own magazine "Helmut Newton's Illustrated" between 1987 and 1995 are presented for the first time as a complete exhibition in the front three rooms of the foundation.

The central exhibition room is dedicated to two (in)famous bodies of work, "Tulsa" and "Teenage Lust", by the photographer and film-maker, Larry Clark. Created in the sixties and seventies, Clark revealed to us the world of teenage sex and drug use in a way that had been taboo up until that time. In this he was the most influential predecessor of photographers like Nan Goldin and Richard Billingham.

Helmut Newton Foundation

Larry Clark, Dead 1970, 1968

Clark's provocative book "Tulsa", was published in 1971 by Lustrum Press. This publishing company was founded by Ralph Gibson and through it he distributed his own photography books, "The Somnambulist", "Déjà-vú" and "Days at Sea", amongst others, as well as books by leading photographers of the day. A representative selection of B/W & Colour images from these and later projects by Gibson, are presented in the remaining exhibition rooms. His timeless, subjective imagery is known for its formal and abstract composition.

Helmut Newton Foundation

Ralph Gibson, The Somnambulist, 1970



HBO Documentary Films premieres "Helmut By June"

Helmut Newton Foundation

Though produced in the mid-nineties and broadcast regularly on European television channels, "Helmut by June" had not been shown on U.S. television. As a friend and fan of Helmut's, director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour, X-Men: The Last Stand), wanted to bring this documentary to a wider audience. An opening interview with June Newton was added to the original footage by Ratner who is also the film's Executive Producer. The film was recently presented by Cinemax Reel Films in collaboration with HBO Documentary Films, and premiered on April 30th, 2007.

Shot in an intimate and candid fashion by June Newton, who is also the film's director, we follow Helmut as he works on a variety of different shoots during the nineties.

The result is a fascinating portrayal of one of the most influential photographers of the twentieth century.

Men's Vogue held the launch party at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills and, by all accounts, a great time was had by those in attendance.

Helmut by June is available on DVD and can be ordered on-line via



Forgery Alert

Helmut Newton Foundation

As many of you will no doubt be aware, the prices being achieved at auction for photographs by Helmut Newton have sky-rocketed in recent years. Indeed a greatly heightened interest in purchasing the works of the world's leading photographers, has led to a price explosion throughout the entire photography market.

Such developments reflect the increased regard with which the best photographic works are being considered in the art world & this positive development has apparently not passed unnoticed amongst those who make a living by profiting from illegal activities.

Sadly, the search for affordable prints has attracted the involvement of unscrupulous characters who easily prey on the eagerness of buyers and collectors to attain ownership of images made by the leading lights in photography.

It is easy to imagine that this problem is not one that is exclusively related to work by Helmut Newton, but affects a significant number of other photographers as well. There are, of course, many precedents in the art world, & this practice has undoubtedly been going on for some time in the photography market too. It is therefore with great regret that the HNF is obliged to inform the art buying community that many prints attributed to Helmut Newton, which are, in all likelihood forgeries, have already been sold at auction. Despite our best efforts to halt this practice, it is likely that this trend will continue.

To help stem the flow of forgeries on to the internet & their subsequent appearance at auction, we have put together a set of indicators that I trust will go some way towards helping you determine whether, or not, a Helmut Newton print being brought to auction is indeed genuine.

- Poorly printed on an ink-jet

      - Unbranded A4,
        or smaller, paper

- Printed on Kodak Royal
  colour paper A4, but
  sometimes cut smaller

- Lack of detail & grain

- Blown out highlights

- Often poor quality scanning

- Pixelation in parts of the image

- Coloration of a B/W image

      - In this case blue

- Colour images printed in B/W

- Photo is poorly cropped

      - In this case the toes

- Signature made through

      - A fake signature

      - In silver, black, or gold
        felt-tipped pen

- Helmut Newton did not make digital prints of any kind

      - Only Silver Prints were

Helmut Newton Foundation

The presence of one, or more of the characteristics mentioned above in a photo attributed to Helmut Newton, strongly suggests that the image is a fake. If you suspect that this is indeed the case, please contact us here at the Helmut Newton Foundation at the earliest opportunity. If the image you are reviewing can be kept for a detailed analysis, this would enable us to determine whether the image is genuine or not. Below you have a reference sample of a genuine print...

Helmut Newton Foundation

With best regards,
The HNF Team



The HNF has made every reasonable effort to ensure that the facts contained within its newsletter are accurate and is communicating with its subscribers in good faith. The HNF offers this information free of charge and cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies that may be contained herein no matter how they may have arisen.

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